Organising sim racers worldwide

International Sim Racing Federation (ISRF) is a federation created by sim racers worldwide. The purpose of the federation is to organise all sim racers across all simulators, to develop the sport efficiently, as well as build global legitimacy of sim racing.

The ISRF is a non-profit organisation with the intention of upholding the interests of its members in all international matters concerning sim racing. For more info, read our About page.
  • 1. All for simracing
  • 2. Open to all
  • 3. Fully democratic
  • 4. Full transparency
  • 5. Non-profit

Current status: Open for official registrations & applications

As of October 2017, the ISRF is now registered as an official federation. The registration is in Germany and applies globally.

For registrations for Associations, Leagues & Communities, Teams and Drivers, go here.

For applications for board and manager roles, go here.

The interim board handles all the applications and starts gathering official members of the Federation. Once this is done, the Federation is then able to arrange it’s first General Assembly where all the members are gathered and together we determine 2018 strategy, budgets and elect board and managers for the upcoming year.

If you have any questions regarding the Federation, please contact us at Discord or via contact us page.