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PDF: Statutes of “ISRF – International Sim-Racing Federation”

Article 1 – The ISRF

1.1 Name and seat
1.1.1 The Federation bears after its entry in the appropriate register of associations the name “International Sim Racing Federation” and carries the abbreviation “e. V.” after its name.
1.1.2 The Federation shall be registered at the lower regional court of Dortmund
1.13 The Federation is based at Hohe Straße 92, 44139 Dortmund, GERMANY.
1.1.4 The respective financial year of The Federation is the calendar year. It starts with the 1st of January and ends the 31st of December.
1.2 Definition of the International Sim Racing Federation:
1.2.1 The International Sim Racing Federation (ISRF), herein named ISRF or The Federation, is a non-profit organization created for sim racing drivers, teams, associations, leagues, communities, software and hardware manufacturers.

Article 2 – Aim of the ISRF

2.1 The purpose of The Federation is to maintain, promote, improve and develop sim racing internationally.
2.2 The aim of the ISRF is to establish a union between its Members, to maintain a worldwide organisation upholding the interests of its members in all international matters concerning sim racing.
2.3 Enacting, interpreting and enforcing common rules (applicable to The Federation) and the fair and equitable running of sim racing competitions.
2.4 Exercising jurisdiction pursuant to disputes which might arise between its Members, or in relation to any of its Members having contravened the obligations laid down by the Statutes.

Article 3 – Composition of the ISRF

3.1 General Assembly

The General Assembly will be the assembly between all Members whereas each cooperative and registered association counts as one Member. Also, the leagues’ & communities’ committee, the Teams’ committee, the Drivers’ committee, all count as one Member each.
3.1.1 In the General Assembly each Member has one (1) vote. To allow another Member to exercise this right to vote, authorization should be signed and published by a suitable form[1]. Such authorization has to be given before each general meeting. Additionally, one Member may never represent more than two different voices.
3.1.2 The General Assembly is exclusively responsible for the following matters:
(a) Discharge of the old and election of the new board
(b) Adoption of the amendments to the Statutes and the dissolution of the association
(c) Adoption of an appeal against the refusal of an application by the Board and against a decision to expel the Board
(d) Election of the managers
(e) Determine strategy for the upcoming year.
(f) Determine budget and membership fees for the upcoming year.
3.1.3 At least once a year, if possible during the first quarter of each calendar year, a General Assembly is held. It is communicated by the board with a notice period of three weeks stating the agenda, which expressly also a convening email is allowed, provided a confirmation of receipt is required. The period begins with the day following the announcement of the convocation day. The agenda is given by the Board. Each member can request a supplement to the agenda up to one week before the general meeting of the Board. This supplement is announced by the Board latest one day before the general meeting. About requests for additions to the agenda, which are made during the meetings, the Assembly itself can decide whether they are included or not.
3.1.4 An extraordinary General Assembly is convened by the board if the interest of the association requires it, or, if more than half of the  Board-members desire it, stating the purpose and reasoning.
3.1.5 The General Assembly is led by the Chairman, or, in his absence, by his deputy or, if he or she is also prevented, by another board member. If no board member is present, the general meeting votes the Chairman (for that meeting). This Chairman determines a secretary.
3.1.6 The manner of voting is determined by the Chairman (of the meeting). If the meeting is not taking place in the same room, the exception is given for using new media devices like Discord, TeamSpeak, Forum, etc. An oral vote by roll call is permitted.
3.1.7 The General Assembly is quorate if at least a quarter of all The Federation members is present. If there is no quorum of the Board is entitled and obliged, within earlier than two and no more than four weeks, a second General Assembly with the same convene agenda will be set, then regardless of the number of members a quorum. This is to be specified in the invitation.
3.1.8 The General Assembly takes decisions by a simple majority of the votes be right; abstentions are regarded as invalid votes there. Deviating from this is to amending the statutes a majority of three quarters of valid votes cast is required. For dissolution of the association such by nine-tenths. Changing the purpose of the association can only be done with the consent of nine-tenths of the members. The same applies for all matters concerning article 1 and article 2 in the here written statutes.
3.1.9 In elections, the candidate that receives more than half of the valid votes shall be the one that is elected. If no more than half of the valid votes obtained place between, the two candidates with the most votes take another ballot. For the second vote, the candidate with the most votes is elected. If the second round is a tie, then the votes from the first round are added to the second round, and the candidate with the most votes is elected.  If after a third and a fourth round there still is a tie, then the Drivers’ Association’s vote will determine the outcome of the election by simple majority.
3.1.10 The decisions of the general meeting needs to be taken to a protocol that the respective Chairman and the secretary shall confirm. This protocol is intended contain information on the place and time of the meeting, the person of the Chairman and the recording clerk as well as the secretary, the number of members present, the agenda, the individual voting results and the type of voting.

3.2 The Managers

3.2.1 The Federation consists of three to six managers. The Managers are elected by the General Assembly for a period of around one year, until new Managers are elected. Each Manager is elected individually.
3.2.2 Application process is a window of at least three weeks, which ends at least one week before the general assembly invitations are being sent. Application process is open for any person to apply for the role of specific Manager role. An official call for tenders will be sent to each member in good time.
3.2.3 Each Manager is tasked by advising the Board on important organizational matters within their set role.
3.2.4  Transactions beyond the allocated budget and transactions with an enterprise value of more than € 100, must have approval from the Board.
3.2.5 At least once every quarter a meeting of managers has to take place.. For this purpose the managers, the Chairman of the federation or his delegate will invite for the meeting with a period of at least one week in written form, convened by telephone or by other appropriate means (for example, by e-mail). There is no need for a notification of the agenda for this session.
3.2.6 The managers must convene if at least two board members and/or the Chairman or Vice Chairman desire a meeting. If this demand is not met within a period of two weeks, the board members who have requested the convening of the managers are entitled to convene the managers by themselves.

3.3 Board

3.3.1 The Board consists of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, Treasiurer and a Secretary.
3.3.2 each Board member (The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary) is entitled to represent the Federation in accordance with § 26 of German BGB .
3.3.3 The Board is elected by the General Assembly for a period of around one year, until a new Board is elected by the General Assembly. Each Board member is elected individually from applications.
3.3.4 Application process is a window of at least three weeks, which ends at least one week before the general assembly invitations are being sent. Application process is open for any person to apply for the role of Board member.
3.3.5 If a Board member leaves prematurely, the seat is left open, unless the minimum amount Board members is not met.  
3.3.6 If the minimum number of Board members is not met, a special election by the General Assembly is held. In this meeting, a new Board member is elected from applications, until there are four to six Board members again.
3.3.7 The Federation is judicially and extrajudicially represented by two members of the Board, including the Chairman and/or the Vice Chairman.
3.3.8 The Board is responsible for all affairs of the Federation, unless they fall under these statutes are assigned or transferred to another organ. The tasks of The Board are in particular:
(a) The preparation and convening of the General Meeting and setting the agenda;
(b) The execution of the decisions according to the statues, strategy and budget
(c) The accounting and management of the federation’s assets;
(d) The adoption, inclusion, withdrawal and expulsion of members.
(e) Proposing changes to the Statutes in combination with the agreement of the General Assembly.
(f) The legal representation of the federation.
3.3.9 The Board shall make its decisions in general in board meetings that the Chairman, or in his absence by his deputy in writing, by telephone or on other suitable manner (for example, by e-mail) to be convened. An agenda for the board meetings needs be attached to the invitation. The invitation to a board meeting needs to be sent a week before to the suggested meeting. The board has a quorum when at least four of its members, not including the Chairman or the Vice Chairman are present. In reaching the decision, the majority of the votes (valid) votes decides. At a tie, the vote of the Chairman, or in his absence, that the Vice Chairman is the deciding vote.
3.3.10 The minutes of the Board shall be recorded and publicized for members to examine.
3.3.11 No individual may hold more than one Board position at the same time.

3.4 Membership

3.4.1 The Membership consists of associations, leagues, and communities that meet specific criteria.
3.4.2 Members have the right to file one (1) vote in the General Assembly.
3.4.3 Members must be current in regard to fees and debts to The Federation.
3.4.4 Members must be legally registered or have ownership of a domain with an active sim racing website.
3.4.5 Member Association requirements: Must be registered to a nation association registry. Must promote sim racing by its own actions:  Organize sim racing events (both offline and online) or represent sim racing communities or leagues or associations.
3.4.6 League/Community requirements: Leagues/Communities must be legally registered or have ownership of a domain with an active sim racing website with access on the domain. Must promote sim racing by its own actions:  Organize sim racing events (both offline and online) or represent sim racing communities or leagues or associations.

3.5 The ISRF Drivers’ Committee

3.5.1 All persons registered as individuals and representing themselves, will have the right to join the Drivers’ Committee  and participate in debate and voting in that body.
3.5.2 The Drivers’ Committee is headed by a Chairman that represents the Drivers’ Committee in the General Assembly as a voting member.

3.6 The ISRF Teams’ Committee

3.6.1 Sim racing teams have the right to join the Teams’ Committee and participate in the debate and voting in that body. Requirements according to article 3.6.3 needs to be fulfilled.
3.6.2 The Teams’ Committee is headed by a Chairman that represents the Teams’ Committee in the General Assembly as a voting member and to the general public.
3.6.3 To be considered to join the Teams’ Committee, Teams must fulfill the following requirements: Must be legally registered, or own and operate a website domain that primarily features the Team. Must have at least 3 active team members. Must have a Team Manager that is responsible for the daily operations of the Team, and is the representative of the Team to that Teams’ Committee.

Article 4 – The Dissolution of the ISRF

4.1 The dissolution of the federation can only be decided in a special assembly for this purpose, with a deadline of one month, and must be agreed to nine-tenths of the members.
4.2 The General Assembly shall also decide on the way of liquidation of the association and the recovery of the remaining assets. Should this be decided otherwise, the chairman and his deputy together are the authorized representative liquidators of the association.


Appendix 1 – Definitions

  1. Suitable form – a suitable form is considered being an official document filed to the board. e.g. the representant of the a committée needs to prove that he is the chosen one by filing the minutes of the committée’s meeting.
  2. Oral vote by Roll Call – A voting procedure where a member’s name is called, then the member makes their vote known verbally.
  3. Absolute Majority – Requires that more than half of the submitted votes are in favour of a proposition/election candidate for it to be passed/elected.
  4. Simple Majority – Requires that a proposition/election candidate have more votes than any other for it to be passed/elected.