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Recap Team Committee Formation meeting 15.04.2018

The first Team Committee meeting took place on Sunday 15th of April, 12:00 GMT with the registered teams and the interim board attending. The Team Committee will play an important role in the ISRF, representing all the teams through the Team Committee representative. He or she will use the voting power of the committee in the General Assembly, and like the Drivers Committee representative, the TC representative is invited to board meetings to voice the viewpoints of the teams. While there is no voting power on board meetings, there is still influence as the representative can voice the interests and thoughts on topics from the Team Committee directly to the board.

Teams present

  • Darwin Daume – VP-Gaming
  • Georgi Nedev – GOTeam Racing
  • Jason Holden-Jones – RSA Protea SimSports
  • Julian Oejen –
  • David Soranzo – SimatoK eSports
  • Roy Schroten – Racing Team Schroten
  • Danny Engels – FA Racing G2
  • Brenton Brien- Evolution Racing Team
  • Justin Mifsud – GT OMEGA RPM eSports
  • Manuel Sudau – RennSport Online e.V.
  • Nicola De Cristofaro – DRS

ISRF Board present

  • Olli Pahkala
  • Jaap Grolleman
  • Philip Stamm

Decisions made during the formation meeting

  • The TC representative¬†will be elected for one-year term.
  • Julian Oejen is elected for one-month term as the interim Team Committee representative (or until the actual representative will be selected).
  • Applications will be opened for the representative position, and from applications, the Team Committee will select the acting Team Committee representative.

The next steps for the committee

  • Applications for the Team Committee representative will be open from 20.04.2018 until 04.05.2018.
  • After applications closes, ISRF Interim board shares applications to the Team Committee.
  • The committee’s selection meeting is held at 20.05.2018 at 12:00 GMT.
  • Team Committee also reviews and discusses General Assembly materials in the upcoming week
  • Team committee meets regarding the GA materials at 22.04.2018 12:00 GMT to determine suggestions and whom committee votes for different positions.
  • As a guideline, all Team Committee meetings are planned to be on Sundays.