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Recap Driver Committee Formation meeting 22.04.2018

The first Driver Committee meeting took place on Sunday 22nd of April, 12:00 GMT with the registered drivers and part of the interim board attending. The Driver Committee will play an important role in the ISRF, representing all drivers through the Driver Committee representative. He or she will use the voting power of the committee in the General Assembly, and like the Team Committee representative, the DC representative is invited to board meetings to voice the viewpoints of all the drivers. While there is no voting power on board meetings, there is still influence as the representative can voice the interests and thoughts on topics from the Driver Committee directly to the board.

Drivers present

  • Bernard Vella
  • Brandon Tabone
  • Connery Maddick
  • Constantin Grimminger
  • Daniel Benefield
  • Florian Engel
  • Omar Barbara
  • Robin Vandre

ISRF Board present

  • Kris Cobb
  • Olli Pahkala
  • Michi Hoyer

Decisions made during the formation meeting

  • The DC representative will be elected for one-year term.
  • Daniel Benefield is elected as the interim Driver Committee representative, until the actual representative will be selected.
  • Daniel Benefield has the mandant to use the committee’s voice and vote in the General Assembly on April 29th.
  • Drivers will review the General Assembly materials and inputs their thoughts to Daniel before the General Assembly.
  • Applications will be opened for the representative position, and from applications, the Driver Committee will select the acting Driver Committee representative.

Additional topics discussed

  • Sim racing as eSports & F1 eSports in general.
  • The agenda for the upcoming year(s).
  • A Q&A session regarding ISRF, driver committee, driver committee representative and the committee’s rights, vote and voice.