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The organisation will be formed in a way that everyone has the opportunity to take part in the federation’s work.

General assembly
General assembly is the place where the big picture is painted on the wall for the year to come. The assembly gathers all the members together to plan a strategy and budget for the following year, select chairman and a board to execute the strategy for the federation and choose managers to run essential functions under the federation.

Members (applications open)
Members will be national and international associations as well as drivers’ association. Actual members will have right to vote and nominate people to various tasks in the federation.

Board (applications open)
The chairman and board of the federation will be elected annually in the general assembly. The board consists of three to five board members and one to three vice members, and is led by the chairman. The board will elect vice chairman, treasurer and secretary from its members, and is responsible of executing the strategy and budget determined in the general assembly. The board answers to the general assembly. The board’s basic tasks are federation’s collaboration, handling the bureaucracy and planning and developing federation’s functionalities.

To run federation’s core functions and to fulfil its purpose, ISRF will recruit six managers for specific tasks. Managers will be chosen by the general assembly they can be any individuals what general assembly sees suitable for the positions.

Managers will be run as volunteer basis for starters until the federation will have proper funding. With proper funding achieved, managers will be provided with compensation from their effort for the sport.

Competition manager (applications open)
Competition manager is the link to develop sim racing competition wise, world wide. Competition manager will be responsible of creating and developing race formats and rules for members,
communities and companies for their use.

Marketing manager (applications open)
Marketing manager is the link to create business opportunities for federation, members, communities, teams, drivers and corporations.

Web manager (applications open)
Web manager is responsible for creating and developing the federation’s website. Website will be developed together with the board and the managers. Website will include news and social media feed, result parcels, forum and other necessary functionalities. All the functionalities and the source code of the site are available via request for developing sim racing.

Exposure manager (applications open)
Exposure manager is responsible for all the federation’s news and usage of social media. Exposure manager recruits news writers and social media promoters to enhance sim racing’s visibility via multiple social media and news platforms. Exposure manager collaborates with members, communities and other managers for exposure and promotion purposes.

Graphics manager (applications open)
Graphics manager is responsible for creating graphics for the federation. Graphics manager will help also the members, communities, teams and drivers to create graphics of their usage. Graphics manager can recruit graphical engineers to enhance creating great outlooks for sim racers all around the world.

Master moderator (applications open)
Master moderator is responsible for moderating all the conversation where it’s needed. Master moderator works as the highest level moderator in the federation’s conversation channels and
recruits moderators to different channels to supervise discussion. Moderators’ work is to keep all conversation at the level of dignity what sim racing deserves it to be.

Interim board
Olli Pahkala
Michi Hoyer
Jaap Grolleman
Kris Cobb
Philip Stamm
Dom Duhan