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First General Assembly held at the 29th of April, 2018

On the 29th of April, 2018, at 14:00 GMT in our Discord channel, the first General Assembly of the International Sim Racing Federation will take place. Present will be the approved Associations (3), Leagues&Communities (33) and the Team Committee representative (1) and the Driver Committee representative (1). The Associations, and Leagues&Communities have received an invitation for this, while the TC and DC representatives will be elected beforehand.

Team and Driver Committee Representatives

These two representatives will be chosen from 156 drivers and 40 teams and play an important role within the ISRF. They both have voting power on the General Assembly, and both representatives are invited to board meetings to reflect the viewpoints of the drivers and teams. While there is no voting power on board meetings, there is still influence as the they can voice their interests and thoughts on topics directly to the board. These representatives will be chosen on the 15th of April for teams, and the 22nd for drivers. If you are eligible for this, you should have received an invitation for this.

General Assembly

The General Assembly of the 29th will cover topics such as the election of the new board (who will replace the interim board), the election of the managers, as well as going over the agenda for the 2018 year.

Preliminary General Assembly Agenda

  1. Role call
  2. Opening the assembly
  3. Selecting assembly’s chairman
  4. Approving the agenda
  5. 2016-2018 report
  6. Chairman election
  7. Board election
  8. Advisory board election
  9. Manager election
  10. 2018 Strategy
  11. 2018 Budget
  12. Closing the assembly

Strategy outline

ISRF Strategy
The strategy’s purpose is to give guidelines to Federation’s board to follow in their decisions and actions. Strategy is decided by all members in the Annual General Assembly.

Best practices of defining strategy
Strategy is a higher-level document, which determines the big picture for the upcoming year. According to the strategy, a budget will be determined where do we focus our resources. Board is responsible of executing the strategy, and should start planning the annual actions from the strategy.

The 2018-2019 strategy
For 2018, ISRF will focus on:

  • ISRF structure
  • Communication
  • Sanctioning sim racing series
    • Sanctioning through:
      • Rules
      • Branding/identity

Establishing structure for ISRF helps the federation to be more efficient with the tasks we do. Objective with establishing efficient structure is to build good foundation for the future and achieve more in shorter period of time.

To establish the federation’s structure, we:

  • Plan and establish working workflows between members, managers and board
  • Establish efficient accounting
  • Communicate to members and public on regular basis

Sim racing is niche market at the moment, which should be communicated to the world appropriately.

To communicate sim racing and ISRF to wider audiences, we:

  • Create content from sim racing and ISRF
  • Share and promote sim racing content
  • Do a study about the numbers of sim racing
  • Promote members

Sanctioning sim racing series
To improve sim racing competition for organisers and competitors, we sanction different sim racing series. Objective of sanctioning sim racing series is to support organisers in their actions for sim racing as well as guarantee competitors a fair platform of sim racing regardless of the simulator used.

To achieve this objective, we:

  • Create general driving rules for different sim racing genres
  • Create guides to organise a series efficiently
  • Brand sanctioned series with ISRF branding