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Chairman’s Update, Sept 2018

Olli Pahkala, Chairman of the International Sim Racing Federation, provides the first Chairman’s Update. This month: signs of life from the ISRF, an update on what’s been happening behind the scenes and we’re excited for Sim Expo 2018!

Dear sim racers,


I hope all of you are doing well!

This is the first chairman’s greetings for you guys. The purpose is to introduce you what the federation is currently doing, what can you expect both in short and long term as well as bring everyone up to speed how the sport is progressing. Our aim is to provide updates at least on a monthly basis, hopefully even more frequently.

You have not heard from us for a while again. Between the initiative until today there has been quite a bit of slow and painful progress to get where we are now. Soon we are able to start taking actions to direct the sport where we want it to be.

Bureaucracy-wise, we are still waiting for German büro’s confirmation on our registration. We have everything set up and submitted appropriately to the büro, still we need to wait though. This means that few items are pending to move forward like proper CRM and creating a bank account. These things will help us move forward efficiently.

While we wait for the bureaucracy matters, we have been focusing on actions where we do not need bank accounts. Shortly after this brief message, you will be hearing from us regarding supporting the ISRF visibility. We want all of you beloved supporters to start spreading the beautiful word of ISRF and sim racing by placing ISRF branding into your car liveries, videos, social media posts etc together with us. We are also planning to do a nice video project for all these liveries, so stay tuned and start warming up your fingers for some beauties.

Other major project we are currently working on is sim racing competition structure. The aim for the project is to structure the competition across all platforms and Sims out there to support all leagues, communities and associations as well as help you racers to find the best fit for your needs in terms of competition. Outcome of this project also develops and supports competition organizers in organising and marketing matters, which then ends up in much better racing experience for everyone.

Sim racing expo is also coming up in few weeks. We are planning to have small presence in the expo, especially after they were extremely kind for us by providing a auditorium for our usage. We are currently planning activities there for the expo, if you have anything you would like us to do like e.g. Sim racing seminar, meetings, QA sessions, please let us know.

That’s all for now, if there’s any questions what came to your mind we are more than happy to discuss in Discord.


Till the next time, have fun on track!


Yours truly,


Olli Pahkala

Chairman of ISRF