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General Assembly recap

The first General Assembly took place on Sunday 29th of April, 14:00 GMT, with the registered Associations, Communities and Leagues attending, as well as the interim board, and the Team and Driver committee representatives. Among others, the new board was elected, replacing the interim board, while other topics such as the election of the manager, is postponed and put into the new board’s hands.

The agenda of the General Assembly was the following:

  1. Role Call
  2. Opening the General Assembly
  3. Selecting the Assembly’s Chairman
  4. Approving the agenda
  5. 2016-2018 Report
  6. Chairman election
  7. Board election
  8. Advisory board / managers election
  9. 2018 Strategy
  10. 2018 Budget
  11. Closing the General Assembly

2016-2018 report

The assembly’s chairman Olli Pahkala briefed the attendants regarding the progress of the past two years: the initiative for ISRF started at 2016 SimRacing Expo. Within’ the two years of work for the federation, ISRF created an identity, Discord and the website. The registration and statutes was the most work, as well as the structure and how to govern the federation.

Chairman and the board

Olli Pahkala was elected unanimously as the chairman of the ISRF for the upcoming term. Together with the federation’s board, they will be responsible for all federation’s actions.

ISRF’s board will consist from the following fellow sim racers:

  • Kris Cobb
  • Michi Hoyer
  • Chris Weaver
  • Eric Stranne
  • Matt Burgess
  • Brenton O’Brien

Advisory board / manager election

It was decided that the chairman and board will fill the manager positions to support federation’s actions for sim racing. The board will start reviewing all existing applications and recruiting the best possible candidates to work together for the greater good.

2018 Strategy

The strategy’s purpose is to give guidelines to Federation’s board to follow in their decisions and actions. Three main topics were considered as the most important projects for the federation in the upcoming term:

  • ISRF structure
  • Communication
  • Sanctioning sim racing series

ISRF structure

Establishing structure for ISRF helps the federation to be more efficient with the tasks federation does. Objective with establishing efficient structure is to build good foundation for the future and achieve more in shorter period of time.

To establish the federation’s structure, the federation will:

  • Plan and establish working workflows between members, managers and board
  • Establish efficient accounting
  • Communicate to members and public on regular basis


Sim racing is niche market at the moment, which should be communicated to the world appropriately.

To communicate sim racing and ISRF to wider audiences, the federation will:

  • Create content from sim racing and ISRF
  • Share and promote sim racing content
  • Do a study about the numbers of sim racing
  • Promote members
  • Collaborate with game developers
  • Define sim racing

Sanctioning sim racing series

To improve sim racing competition for organisers and competitors, ISRF will sanction different sim racing series. Objective of sanctioning sim racing series is to support organisers in their actions for sim racing as well as guarantee competitors a fair platform of sim racing regardless of the simulator used.

To achieve this objective, the federation will:

  • Create general driving rules for different sim racing genres
  • Create guides to organise a series efficiently
  • Brand sanctioned series with ISRF branding
    • Create grades for different level of sim racing competition, grades having different requirements, e.g. grade hardcore has driving rules and live stewarding whereas grade gentleman not.

2018 Budget

Budget for the federation was also determined by the General Assembly. Budget were considered by the GA as difficult to define, but has main principals to support executing the federation’s strategy.

Budget determined ISRF’s income for the term to come from:

  • Donations
  • Series sponsorships
  • Member plus -project

Federation will invest it’s monetary resources in:

  • Accounting
  • Website
  • Mailchimp
  • Clothing
  • Travel
  • Events

An exciting year to come in all segments of sim racing, especially with the rise of the International Sim Racing Federation.


Members present in the assembly:

ISRF Interim Board present:

  • Olli Pahkala
  • Kris Cobb
  • Michi Hoyer
  • Philip Stamm
  • Jaap Grolleman

Members present:

  • Chris Weaver – Racing League
  • Chris Williamson – GPVWC
  • Al Marimon – NAGP
  • Florian Engel – PRC
  • Julian Oejen –
  • Mark Dunn – AEF
  • Hadrien Le Bouar – Paddock TV
  • Kris Cobb – International SimRacing Club
  • Jesse Osmont –

Driver committee representative:

  • Daniel Benefield

Team committee representative:

  • Julian Oejen